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PostPartum: The First Two Weeks

Having now been a new mama for almost 2 whole months, I have learned quite a bit about being a new mama. I am no pro at this and I continue to learn new things everyday. There were things that I knew I would experience like no sleep, lots of cuddles, lots of dirty diapers,Continue reading “PostPartum: The First Two Weeks”

Choose Love

“Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved” (Thomas Monson). Wise words from a very wise man. Oh how this counsel is needed right now!! Social Media and the world around us is filled with such hatred, disgust, unkind words, judgements, and ridicules. I understand that theseContinue reading “Choose Love”

Life’s Greatest Lessons

5 months ago on a beautiful, hot, summer day, I was extremely happy to find a positive sign on a pregnancy test that I had just taken. I couldn’t even believe my eyes! It was a miracle! It was my miracle!! I had to take a second test to verify the special news. Later thatContinue reading “Life’s Greatest Lessons”

The Beauty of Letting Go

Holy Moly! It has been a HOT minute!! I am sorry for being M.I.A. during these last few months. When the corona virus hit and the many months of quarantine, I just got lost in all the madness. We’ve had quite the year already and it is just September. We have 4 more months toContinue reading “The Beauty of Letting Go”

The Unexpected Beautiful

I never expected 2020 to become the crazy, unique year that it has been. On December 31st, 2019 I was surrounded by family members and my sweet husband. Love and laughter abounded as excitement grew for the new year. I stood there counting down the seconds until 2020. What a remarkable year it would be?Continue reading “The Unexpected Beautiful”

Keep Sunshine Going

Have you ever looked at something and it just took your breath away? Lately, I have been so drawn to sunflowers. They take my breath away and I have this desire to just surround myself with them! I don’t know why this random obsession with sunflowers just popped up. If you would have asked meContinue reading “Keep Sunshine Going”