The Quarantined Life is still a Beautiful Life

Right now we are living through a pandemic that has the whole world going crazy. Panic and chaos are all around us every single day as we try to get through this trying time. Change is around every corner and we are stuck with lots of unknowns. 

Do you think its a coincidence that Elsa’s song “Into the Unknown” came out right before all of this? LOL

We are headed into the unknown and that can bring fear and chaos and panic into our lives. 

But I firmly believe that there is SO much to live for right now and so many wonderful lessons to learn through it all. Despite the boredom, there are many things that are making life so meaningful now!! 

I don’t know about you, but I have learned quite a few lessons.


I don’t think it is a coincidence that we have to be social distancing. During this time of social distancing the only people we can be around is our family. There is nothing right now that is really keeping individuals from the family apart. Isaac and I have had so much more time together than we normally do. We have been able to study together, to read together, to cook together, to shop together. Our jobs and everyday life used to prevent us from seeing each other throughout the day. Although there are times when I do need personal space, I now value the time that I get with my husband more than ever.


I don’t know about you, but for me, I have been so bored that I just scroll and scroll and scroll. It is actually quite draining. It doesn’t benefit me on any level. There are so many posts and comments that confuse or misinterpret what is going on. It is hard to know what is true and what is not. Yes, there are hilarious memes that keep me laughing but when it comes down to it, that is all it does for me. If anything, I realized that I was MORE grumpy and MORE bored, the longer I scrolled on social media. I learned that it is NOT my best friend and there is so much more I can be doing. Putting my phone down and enjoying what is around me is changing my life for the better. 


Do any of you remember being a kid and not having technology to entertain you? You actually had to come up with your own games, your own challenges, your own stories! I remember when my siblings and I would play with legos or barbies for hours on end. We would be entertained with the sandbox in the backyard. We would read books like there was no tomorrow. That helped me to be creative and to think outside the box. Now that I don’t have a particular schedule, I again have to think outside the box. It has been good for me to just let my hands be free. I have had time to enjoy reading, painting, singing, dancing around the house, organizing, writing, etc. It’s amazing what our hands and bodies can do WITHOUT technology. 


I have learned to find value in the things I already have. This may have been the longest two weeks of my life, but it has also been the longest time I have gone without spending any money. I have been able to go through my clothes and find outfits that I forgot about. I am able to look through my old journals and notebooks and laugh about experiences that I have had in the past. I have been able to find letters and things that are so important to me. Things that money can’t buy. Its incredible the precious gems you can find all around your house.


I don’t mind cooking, but the question I hate most of all during my day is “What should we have for dinner?”. But being stuck at home and not really wanting to eat out has forced my hand into being creative in the kitchen. Thank goodness I have been able to have Isaac around to help with that creativity. Although quite challenging, we have been able to come up with different ideas and get to enjoy new meals. 


I am a teacher and I know how important it is for kids to learn and to study. BUT, sometimes we push kids too hard. There brain needs time to develop. Kids also need to learn how to do normal every day activities. During this time they can learn about doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, painting, writing letters, actually playing. All of these things will benefit them in the long run. Even though they might not be learning math or science, they still get to learn critical life skills. They also have the opportunity to explore books and find their own love of reading. They can work on math facts with the family which in turn will help them when they do get to return to school. Kids need the opportunity to just be a kid. 


I no longer have the excuse of “I don’t have time”. How often do we use that excuse to lessen the pain of failure of our goals? Get your hands up! I’ve said it a plethora of times and I know I’ve heard it all around me too. Right now, we truly do have time. We have time to work on ourselves and time to be the people that we want to be. We have time to change and to reach our goals. We have time to do what we haven’t already done. Why not take advantage of this time?!

These are just 7 of the lessons that I have learned while I have been social distancing and in this Corona Quarantine. Yes, there are things that scare me about the future. Yes, I know this isn’t the ideal situation. But I do know that there are things we can still enjoy right now. I do know that this time can benefit us, just in a different way. Maybe, this was all a part of God’s plan. Maybe he wasn’t trying to scare us but rather he was trying to teach us. Maybe his love and our faith in Him are what will get us to go into the unknown with courage and strength. 

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